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Assalamualaikum wbt and a very good day..

From the first try to write an article in english, there a few visitors from all over the world, maybe just pass by this blog. But for me it is a good news. I can share my opinion with other than I always meet and talk with. As the next step in ‘globalize’ this blog, starting from the writer biodata translated into english than will be continue by next article will definitely in english. I’m not saying i’m good in english but frankly, i’m still learning. I hope if there’s a mistake in any part of this blog, be please to inform me. Thank you very much to all visitors.


Me, Myself.

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Better or Worst?

Assalamualaikum wbt..may you in good condition today..:)

For past two month, i just realized that i’m not taking any ‘megi’ or in the other words, instant noodles. Maybe one of the reasons is i have no time to wait and just eat what i can reach when i’m thinking to fill my ‘tank’. My mother had told me once, “Don’t take ‘megi’ too often, it could make your brain jammed because the MSG and other artificial ingredient in it. You are student, so, your brain is the main tool. Just tell me if you don’t have money..”. But not about money when someone taking ‘megi’, for me in my past 2 month, it is the only food that need me to sit back and don’t have to think what to put in the soup. Tear the wrapper, put in a bowl pour adequate hot water and wait in about 5 minutes (3 minutes also can if you can’t hold much longer). When we talk about instant noodle, some articles would said OK but some said NO! Whatever the opinion is all i know is bread and soy milk is a good combination. Sometimes, oat also can be a good energy supplier for maintaining health and control the cholesterol level in our circulatory system. This is only a suggestion, but if you really want to change your diet, you can meet the nutritionist and don’t just read from anywhere and take it as reference. Especially internet, majority of the facts here can be doubt. But as a knowledge sharing medium, INTERNET the best. Hehe.

Well, back to my habit that changed lately, some positive effect start to taking over the negative behavior. If in the past 2 month I’m sleepy in class, now the sleepy habit decreasing day by day. Suppliment food is also important to support our immune system defend our body from any disease that cause by sleepless and the inappropriate eating time. That’s a student’s life. Until now, Alhamdullilah my health in the best condition except lack of sleep. Wallahu’alam.

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Patah tumbuh hilang berganti…

Assalamualaikum wbt…peace upon you..

Today, 13th October 2008. A day that i’ve waiting or not waiting for. A day where i have to go, some else will take my place and its responsibility. A part of me it is a relief but some part I still don’t want to let it go. Many thing i’ve not done yet. Many people hopes i can’t fulfill yet. But i believe this is not the end. There’a always a way when there’s a will. Well, an advice for my replacement, please be good with  everybody. I’m not saying i’m the best but what i know, those people comfort with all thing i’ve done. They want me to continue doing it but i’m not that much of risk taker. So, i’ve decided to give others chance to rise up. But thanks to all peoples that give me never ending support and still support what i’m doing.

To get something, we have to lose something.

To get a BIG, we must lose many SMALL.

And once again, thank you for the opportunity given to me or should i said TRUST. I would like to apologize for all the mistakes i’ve made during my time. I can’t satisfying everyone but i put my best on doing it.

Like my old friend saying, “If you can’t do all, don’t leave all”.

The future still waiting for me and you. Keep doing what you are doing because there’s always a reward for those at least try to improve themselve and there still alot room for improvement. Wallahu’alam.

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