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~Work + Task = Need to manage my time…

Assalamualaikum & good day..

During last one month of this semester, i’ve been expected a few things would happen earlier. One of the things is i will face my most challenging period at the 4 last weeks. Just imagine 1 national level contest project, 1 external project (but luckily this one completed earlier), and other 1 final project for each subject and there are 6 subjects. But most of this project will complete within a few days. If only the days are only allocated for completing the projects. at this time, how to manage time, how to manage resource and how to manage human resource is also one big thing. But as usual, time constaint is always have the most challenging title. Well, while i’m in my effort to finish up all the projects, sometimes i wonder how did the people with alot of businesses like Donald Trump and other billionaires manage their business in the same time keep living and having their family life..the things i wish i knew..

Whatever happen, let’s try to remind ourself how busy you are, there are people out there that more busy. And if you stress or pressure with what ever happen to you, there’s always way to reduce it. It can be manage. But how to manage it?hmm..i don’t really know..but if i’ve discover the way, i’ll share. Life is all about sharing! Right? Until next time. Wallahu’allam.

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~Me, Raya & third day.

Di hari raya
Terkenang daku kepada si dia
Kampungku indah nun jauh di sana
Ayah serta bondaku

Assalamualaikum..(Peace upon you)..

Finally the Eid Mubarak for this year has come and bring 1001 stories with it. Some are good news and some are not too good. But what ever it is, the most meaningful thing that i’ve waiting for is in full blessing morning of hari raya, eye to eye meeting with my beloved parent who sacrifice alot to make sure my siblings and I can have education and so on. The moment i apologize for all the mistake i’ve made as i’m realize or not. Abah, Mak thanks alot. Sorry because i went back very often. I always put you both first in my heart. Second is my little sis.

For this Raya, i only have a chance to visit others at the third day only. Too many task to complete. Sorry friends, next time i will visit all that give me visit this year. Only about 5-6 houses i can cover within one day. No worries just pray we have another Raya to meet. Insya’allah by god will, anything could be possible. ‘Kun fayakun’..right? hehe..

So, i left a snapshot that i grab from Nad’s friendster. Thanks Nad and others. Alot of foods i ate starting fom my house, morning until night. (For your information, i ate almost half of the green ‘kuih’ at the left corner of the picture..hehe..but Irfan finish all the cakes – who greater?). Untill next time. Wallahu’alam.


Me, Su, Nad, Irfan and Fuad?(cameraman..huhu)

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