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A snapshot 1


The translation:

A Discussion with Mr. Rostam (Maxis)

“A group which is formed due to a try to test their luck in a competition ‘Mobile Content Challenge’ held by Maxis Communication Berhad. They not expecting will be choosen for top 12 finalist. Is it their luck or maybe it is just a co-incident? Wait for it..THE SHARP..”

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It is been a while~

Assalamualaikum wbt and a very-very good day to you..

take everyday as your last day and try to appreciate what ever come to you..problems or opportunity becuse both have something that you never expected!

It is been a while since i wrote the last post in this space. I’m just takes time to finish-up all the chores, assignments, papers and projects left for this semester. I hopes I can complete all this as good as I can because there’s alot of things waiting for me starting next week and futher. My last paper for this final’s examination is on coming Monday (17th November 2008). Paper that test my knowledge in social and economics matters. Just need alot of reading and reading. But reading makes me to overcome it?Ha..this method i’d applied during my History paper in high school. I tried to imagine that i’m the one who need to read this to complete a mission (assume this one just like a game..:) ) and try to play the role. Believe me! It is fun! I believe some will said “nonsense lah this guy!” but everybody have their own learning style and i’m sharing mine. Well after done with exams, I will join Maxis booth for an exhibition at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for an expo from 21st – 23rd of November if there’s no problem. A day after that, I have to head straight to KLIA for my trip with my colleagues. To where? This one I will expose it in the next post. Well after facing this very challenging semester, what i can says is ‘take everyday as your last day and try to appreciate what ever come to you..problems or opportunity becuse both have something that you never expected!’ and that’s make life more fun than you ever think. Am I right? You judge and try lah..Wallahu’allam.

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~Segenggam Tabah (Malay)

Segenggam Tabah

Click on the title for the video clip.
Album : Tiada Lagi Kasih
Munsyid : In-Team

Bertali arus dugaan tiba
Menakung sebak airmata
Namun tak pernah pun setitis
Gugur berderai di pipi
Tidak ditempah hidup sengsara
Suratan nasib yang melanda
Menongkah badai bergelora
Diredah bersendirian
Bagaikan camar pulang senja
Patah sayapnya tetap terbang jua
Sekadar secicip rezeki
Buat yang sedang rindu menanti
Segenggam tabah dipertahankan
Buat bekalan di perjalanan
Kau bebat luka yang berdarah
Kau balut hati yang calar

Telah tertulis suratan nasibmu
Derita buatmu ada hikmahnya
Terlukis senyum di bibir lesu
Tak siapa tahu hatimu
Biarpun keruh air di hulu
Mungkinkah jernih di muara
Biarpun jenuh hidup dipalu
Pasti bertemu tenangnya

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