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A visit to know more.

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day to all…

It’s been more than 3 weeks since I’ve started to join this research group. That’s why this blog seems like never up-to-date with new information. Actually, after my final paper, I’ve decided to move away from doing a personal activities to more social one. What I mean is the activity which have contact with people, and I mean the real people (recently I’m losing my ‘real’ communication skill because too many ‘virtual’ one). But never mind, today I have something to share with my fellow friends.

Here a little something about my team. There are 3 researchers involve in this group and assist by 7 more other assistants. Mainly this group focus on RnD field, research and develop something to be use. Create something that help people’s life much better and most important is create something to help people begin their life. We are not chemist, psychologist or biologist that can do something with the living people. BUT we using the technology to develop the skills.

Dyslexia, a genetic disease which made the person having difficulties using words. This problem can’t be identified by looking physically because they have 99% no physical impairment. They are only mentally impaired. Due to that, the earliest detection by diagnosis test can only at age 4 and above. This special group have a very good potential to be a great person in their field of interest. But they must overcome the problem with their cognitive and mental before they can reach it.

There are celebrities and legend who are dyslexic for example, the famous scientist, Albert Einstien and Thomas Edison. They both haveĀ  learning difficulties and some of their teachers said they’re hopeless but then they end up as someone who contributed a big role in today’s life. You can visit HERE for the other celebrities list. Enough for the introduction, next time I will post it here if there is other interesting information to let you know.

Last Monday, our group went to a visit to 5 center of Dyslexia Association in Malaysia as a beginning. The visit was guided by the President of Malaysian Dyslexia Association, Puan Sariah Amirin. The visit started with Titiwangsa branch, then followed by Ampang and Subang. On second day, we visited Sentul and Senawang branch which situated in Negeri Sembilan (for those who don’t know where Senawang is..hehe).

We with Puan Sariah (Black Kurung with purple flower)

We with Puan Sariah (Black Kurung with purple flower)

We infront of one of the centre.

We infront of one of the centre.

There’s alot of knowledge and experience gathered in that two days visit. Playing with them, talking with them, and luckily I can interact with some of them while having their lunch. They seem like normal kids and makes me feel like I’m in home.

Hmm..another part I think I missed here. Volunteering work is a very good work. A lot of thing you can gain from it. Well, experience is much more expensive then gold. That’s all for now.

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