What will you get with RM80 today?

In this post, I will share a discovery I’d made lately. Unbelievable but its real. Well, what will RM80 value will bring to you? Let me suggest something for those who interested in what will I share..

seriously for who have interest only…

but it is ok to try…


Taken directly from the site:

A Special Offer, Only For Visitors From Selected Websites Internet-Webhosting.com is proud to introduce our new SURFERS PLAN hosting package from only RM80.00 per year every year. This is the time for you to have a website at the cheapest price on the net.
This package comes with:

Surfers Std Hosting Plan

  • 10 GB of webspace
  • 50 GB of monthly bandwidth

RM 80/Year (US$22.4/Year)

Surfers Extra Hosting Plan

  • 15 GB of webspace
  • 80 GB of monthly bandwidth

RM 120/Year (US$33.6/Year)

* multiple domain hosting up to 15 (max)

RM80.00 for 10GB? Is this real? Yup! I can ensure that!

too many spaces…not a waste but a room for me to experience without limitation…

still can’t believe it? see for yourself by click this link..


risk is a part of life…:)


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