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Ramadhan 1433 and me.

It has been a long time since I decided to moved this blog to my own domain. But today, I decided to start writing in here. A place that where I started few years back.

Today is 20th day in Ramadhan 1433Hijr. As a muslim, this month is a month where a tarbiah (reflection and learning) session took place. We required to fast; which some would say as abstaining from food or drinks but the main reason is not only that, fasting will let us experience the feel, the challenge and the real meaning of being thankful for whatever we had.

Yes, every Ramadhan I will learn something about life; the importance of sharing and giving, how patience will help to solve problem faster and many other experience. And each Ramadhan either you realize it or not, we will step into a new phase of life. From a child to teenager, from a teenager to adult and from adult to an elderly person.

If can be measured, how much is you gain?Is it the same as the amount you gave away?


There are still many people out there living without proper wears, proper food, proper house, proper education.

This video gave big impact to me. A situation that I neverĀ  think about…

A question from Somalian; something related to he/she does not wants to violate Sunnah because of they have no food for suhoor and iftaar, are their fasting will be accepted? (correct me if I’m wrong)

There is no subtitle in the video but it can shows something that makes my heart touched. So i looked for any other video that could explain it. I found one.

Be thankful for what we had. And whatever we have now is not all belong to us because there are always part for other. Maybe for the most needed one. Start sharing and giving…:)


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